Products We Love: Balmain Ash Toner

I wandered into Gilded Fox Salon the other day because my nail lady moved locations. She's the only gal in town that I can find that uses Japanese nail gel exclusively (more on that coming soon). Anyway, while I was waiting for my nail appointment to begin, I came across Balmain's Ash Toner. Brassy tones drive me completely crazy in my journey to the perfect blonde, so I couldn't help but splurge on a new product that promised to aid in my fight. (Because I have DARK brown hair with red undertones, I get my hair bleached twice in one sitting and then get toner on top). For $42, it better work like a charm, but it had great reviews, so I decided to give it a whirl... and let me tell you, yes, yes, yes, it is worth it!

For those of you that care about the nitty gritty details; I usually get my hair colored every 4-5 weeks because I like the look of my dark roots against the platinum blonde. So, I pretty consistently have a band of hair near my roots that is just a smidge darker than the rest of my hair. It's the new growth that's only been bleached once. And because it's not been repeatedly stripped of color, a little brassiness tends to show up in that section. I'm sure that my colorist and I are the ONLY people that actually notice it, but I'm anal, so whatever. Who knew all I needed was some spray-in toner to combat it! Highly recommended for all of you who are super particular about your fake blonde like I am, and can't stand those orange & yellow tones. 

As far as purchasing, when I googled it, there were a bunch of random sites that had it available, otherwise, I have seen it in a variety of high-end salons. Why is it not available on Amazon though?!