I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like sangria... and I definitely don't want to meet that person! While everyone seems to think that sangria's a fancy schmancy drink you can only order at restaurants, I've got news for you... it's not! I spent a summer living in Barcelona; au pairing and enjoying the European lifestyle of looong lunches followed by siestas. There, I learned how to make a few amazing treats, one of those being sangria!

Essentially, sangria is a bunch of juice, wine, liquor and chopped up fruit in a big container. The Catalonians liked to let it bake in the sun too, but I don't find that part to be necessary (and I'm usually pretty ready to start drinking it)! 

Near the end of a long party weekend, I usually throw the booze remnants into a pitcher with whatever fruit and juice is leftover. Taste using the bartender’s straw test as you go along. My most recent concoction included:

Juices: coconut water, oj, lemonade, seltzer water

Wines: red wine, white wine, champs

Liquors: rum, vodka

Fruit: cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, green apples (my fav fruit to add to sangria, cause it soaks up the booze nicely)


Photo via Jace Brown