LaCroix Cake

A few weeks ago, we were out floating on the Columbia river, drinking my famous wine spritzers - half a can of LaCroix with some rosé or sauvignon blanc poured in.

Genius struck as we discussed our favorite flavors of LaCroix... what if I made a cake with LaCroix?! My dear friend and future contributor, Emily Kolberg's, birthday dinner had been rescheduled a few times because she was sick on her birthday :( So, I decided to come up with a recipe for LaCroix cake for her birthday cake!

I oftentimes just buy desserts or put one of the guests in charge of dessert, especially birthday cakes, because they require so much time and patience. Ask me to throw together a dinner for 20 on a moment's notice and I won't even flinch. But ask me to bake a cake or another dessert, and you can usually count on it being delicious but ugly. I just don't usually have the patience!

Alas, this cake is one of the easiest things I've ever baked and looks gorgeous. It also was incredibly moist, which is awesome considering I didn't use any eggs or oil!


3 boxes of cake mix (I used Trader Joe's Vanilla Bean Cake & Baking Mix)

3 cans of LaCroix (these can each be different flavors of the same)

food coloring

For the frosting:

2 (8-oz) packages of cream cheese

4 cups of heavy cream

1 cup of sugar

4 tablespoons of rosé champs


In separate bowls, mix up each box of cake mix with a different can of LaCroix. I used Mango LaCroix, Coconut LaCroix and Tangerine LaCroix. I then put a bit of yellow food coloring in the mango cake and a bit of yellow and red food coloring in the tangerine cake. Pour each cake batter into a separate cake pan - don't forget to spray with cooking spray.

The instructions on the cake box called for 350 degrees for 40 minutes, but because my cakes did not have any oil or eggs, I ended up pulling them out at 30 minutes.


Push a toothpick down the center of the cake, and if it comes out clean, the cake is finished baking! Your cake edges will be a bit golden brown too.

I then used a knife to separate the cakes from the edges of the pans and flipped them over onto a cooling rack. This way the cake stops baking immediately.


For the frosting:

Using a stand mixer or a hand mixer, mix the cream cheese and sugar. Once combined, slowly pour in the heavy whipping cream while the mixture is still whipping. Then add your rosé champs and a bit of red food coloring if you want your frosting to be more pink.



Gently lay one cake layer onto your cake plate (or whatever final dish you're going to use) and pour about a cup of frosting onto the cake and smooth out with a spatula. Let the frosting just drip down the sides. Repeat each layer.


Now at this point, I had these gorgeous drips of frosting down the sides. I was thinking I'd maybe put some edible flowers on top. But then our Studio Manager, Ashley, came up with an ingenious idea! SPRINKLES!

Put a kitchen towel underneath the cake plate to catch the errant sprinkles. Pour sprinkles on top and pat them in so they stick. Then pour small amounts into your hand and pat them down the sides.

VOILA! The prettiest homemade cake you ever did see. Also, sprinkles help cover up imperfections, like broken cake or poorly frosted cake.

Photos via Jenna Sheingold Studio