Nail Art

I, and just about every gal I know, are so stoked on nail art right now. The best nail art salon in Portland is undoubtedly Finger Bang. The above nail art is super simple and super dope. My friend, Nahal, got it done in NY.

For those of us that don't want to shell out $55 (in PDX - I know it's way more in NYC) every two weeks, I've got a hack. When you go to the regular ole nail salon and get a gel manicure (because what's the point of a regular polish manicure? It just chips), get a glitter or confetti gel on top of a solid base coat of gel polish. It's not quite nail art, but at least it's something a little dimensional! My PDX nail salon only charges $25 for a gel manicure and does a perfect job. I'm not giving up that secret though, it's already tough enough to get in!

CND Shellac is my favorite brand for gel manicures because of it's durability. Make sure they're using CND Shellac clear gel top coat with your color for the longest lasting mani. But, CND Shellac doesn't have any glitters or confetti polishes that I've seen yet. DND has an awesome variety of glitter and confetti gel polishes. Look for it at your favorite salon!

Photo via @nahaliday on Instagram