Fruit & Cheese Danishes

I made red, white & blueberry danishes (inspired by this Tasty recipe) for the 4th of July, but you can use whatever fruit is in season!

I couldn’t find puff pastry dough at Trader Joe’s or Safeway and didn’t feel like going to another grocery store (I know my local Whole Foods carries it), so I subbed in croissant dough. I’m sure puff pastry dough would have made the beautiful designs in Tasty’s recipe more possible, but whatever, they tasted good. I’m all about not stressing yourself out over things being perfect. You know #pinterestfail? That’s me EVERY TIME I try to do pretty baking. So who cares if they’re ugly, did they taste good? Great, I’m going to worry about other things in life than if my freaking pastries are pretty.

Also, I forgot to bring the vanilla extract that the Tasty recipe called for in the cream cheese recipe. What can I say, I was packing up half my kitchen for this trip all while trying to get a bunch of work done before heading out of town. So, I subbed in champs. And let me tell you, that was the best goddamn cream cheese frosting I’ve ever had. And I am a connoisseur of cream cheese frosting. Trust. So now, forever and ever, I’m gonna make it with champs instead. Who cares if I have to open an entire bottle of bubbly for a meagre 1/4 teaspoon. If you’re not drinking while you’re cooking, what’s the point??


strawberries, chopped



2 packages Croissant Dough (or Puff Pastry Dough)

1 8-oz package of Cream Cheese (to make it easier on yourself, let it sit out for about an hour ahead, if you can)

1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 tsp of champs *aka champagne aka bubbly - place definition link here* (or vanilla extract)

Preheat the oven, following the cooking instructions on the dough package.

Chop up your strawberries.

Whip up the frosting - cream cheese, sugar & champs in a bowl.

Make some cool shapes with the dough. If you want to try and get fancy, follow Tasty’s recommendations.

Dollop some frosting in the center and put some berries on top.

Bake according to the cooking instructions on the dough packaging.


And voila!

Photo via Instagram