A Case for Beets

Beets aren't really one of my go-to vegetables when I'm grocery shopping. But, here in Oregon, we have some of the best produce I've ever seen. So, we've been buying tons of new and different vegetables each week. Nick and I love to experiment with food too, so we try to buy random things or find recipes from other cultures, so that we have to buy things we haven't worked with before. It has helped us to learn how food can be substituted and your own recipes or experiments can be created.

Tonight, we were both exhausted from work, but I had defrosted some chicken drumsticks yesterday, so we had to cook them. But, we didn't have a veg in the fridge. It's been a crazy week, so I haven't really had time to get to the grocery store. Instead of popping downstairs to Green Zebra, our local market, I thought, let's grab something from the freezer.

Just so happens, one of those items I bought because I wasn't sure of how to cook it, was frozen sliced beets. I've bought fresh beets before, but I usually just put them on salads. And, I have to say, the pre-peeled ones from Costco are fantastic. I also have to say, I just bought Trader Joe's pickled beets for salads this week too. So easy, so awesome. (Also, the jar of Artichoke Hearts from Trader Joe's is awesome for easy salads too).

Here's the thing, beets are such a mess. When you peel them, their juice gets everywhere and can stain things if you're not careful. (Unless you use Oxyclean spray, which basically get every single stain out ever, even after accidentally washing in hot water or drying). So, I'm telling you, you don't have to bother buying fresh beets, unless you're in the mood for the prep.

Whole Foods sells bags of frozen sliced beets. Now, they are expensive for what they are, so I generally wait to see these on sale. And, there was a recent study that found that beets may help lower blood pressure. I better share this recipe with my Mom - Dad needs some help with his blood pressure.

Simply Perfect Roasted Beets

Spray a metal roasting pan with Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Spray (or whatever cooking spray you use).

Spread out the thinly sliced beets in a single layer across the pan and layer on your usual salt, pepper and olive oil.

The magic touch though - and I have to give credit to Nick for this - is some Parmigiano flakes (from Trader Joe's, where else?!). You could use Parmesan cheese of any sort, as long as it's real cheese (and not that disgusting cardboard stuff), but the flakes lay perfectly on the beet slices, so try to use those :)

We normally just follow the time and temp instructions on the package (25 minutes at 350 degrees), but we already had our chicken drumsticks in at 425, so Nick cooked the beets at 415 for 15 minutes. They were definitely crispier on the higher heat - I totally recommend it. Obviously these were frozen, so if you're using fresh beets, google roasted beets to find a suggestion. I'll update when we try making these fresh.

Photo via @pilatesismylifestyle on Instagram