Jenna Sheingold Studio is a full-service firm, featuring interior design, space planning, and landscape design.

The construction world can seem a bit scary to newcomers - there are so many unknowns. We strive to create a transparent process that helps clients to understand the expertise we provide. While most folks work with us from start-to-finish, we're open to considering individual project needs. Our process includes a phased approach.



Phase 1: Design Intent

In the first phase, we meet with you to evaluate the project, discuss your needs, and determine the best approach. Your goals, budget, and timeline are all carefully considered. During this initial consultation, our design team ensures the project is a great fit for us and for you.

As we begin, it's crucial to understand the existing space. With that in mind, our team performs a site visit that includes photographing the space, taking detailed measurements, and evaluating existing plumbing and electrical. This helps to avoid hiccups down the road.


Phase 2: Design

We work with you to plan the layout of the space, emphasizing how it will be used. This helps inform the materials and finishes we'll integrate into the project. Is the space high traffic? Is it commercial or residential? How many bathrooms do you need? These are just a few of the many details we consider when planning layout and materials. We also select furniture and major accessories during this phase. This helps us to create a truly custom space with your needs at the forefront of the design. 


Phase 3: Construction and Installation

During this phase, we have regular meetings with you and the construction team. This allows you to review progress, maintain the schedule, track budgets, and ensure everything goes according to plan. Because we've built strong relationships within our industry, communication is easy. Our studio partners with a diverse community of makers and craftspeople who participate in actualizing your vision. We're not done until the art is hung and rugs unrolled.