Art Conservation & Restoration

Our job is so much fun when we can vibe with our clients about artwork. Everyone has their own tastes, and it's important that our clients choose artwork that suits their home. But when we're totally on the same page about art picks with our clients, it makes everything so easy!

One of our clients in Dunthorpe recently picked up an insanely cool Lars Hawkes block print while he was traveling. It had a bit of water and rust damage from improper storage as well as needing the top and bottom frames replaced.

I have been screen printing consistently since college, but I hadn't used any of my restoration or conservation skills in a while. Ready to jump back in, I worked with a local fabric restoration specialist to re-hone my skills.

After about fifteen hours of very detailed stripping, cleaning and applying a few different applications to the delicate print, I was able to almost fully restore the timeless piece. This process was time-consuming, but so rewarding.

Take a look at the cleaned up piece below, and I'll try to dig up some photos of the piece pre-restoration as well.


Customized JSS bags


We are constantly looking for good fabric bags to throw swatches and samples into for clients. Rather than those bags being random shopping bags, we recently decided it was time to upgrade to something we could leave with clients that was our own.

I have a screen-printing business in addition to my work with Jenna, so she asked me to get some bag samples and mock up some ideas for JSS branded bags. Check out the finished product!

I also produce all of Jenna's business cards - they have more a textured, hand-made look than a traditionally printed business card. Screen printing is a great cost-effective way to print smaller batches of apparel, accessories and paper products. Reusable bags are a must have in Portland, as plastic bags were banned in the area a few years ago.

What do you think? George the Schnauzer obviously loves them!