A little Sunday Inspiration

How gorgeous is this blueish gray wood sample? Our favorite cabinet makers over at MapleKey sent us this sample as a part of a group of samples for a client's bathroom cabinetry. While the client ended up going with a different stain (they went for something more bleached & pinkish), I gotta say, I'm ready to find someone to use this stain with! Who's gonna claim it? ;)

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.40.40 PM.png

PINK Paint

Unique and interesting paint applications are a great way to add detail to a room. We love that this room has a pop of color painted to chair rail height. It's a nod to the traditional chair rail and allows for some fun, without feeling overwhelmed by color everywhere. If you want to recreate this look, we suggest Summer Sun Pink from Benjamin Moore. If you love the clock, you can find it at one of our favorite retailers, DWR



Image via suburbanpop.com

Image via suburbanpop.com

Image via suburbanpop.com

Image via suburbanpop.com

Nelson Ball Clock from DWR

Nelson Ball Clock from DWR

Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair, also sometimes referred to as the "Y" or "CH-24," By Hans Wegner (available at Design Within Reach), is the perfect chair for a stylized and sophisticated look in almost any space. This chair, hand woven and steam bent, has been in production since 1950 and is available in beech, oak, ash, cherry and walnut or painted with a cord choice of natural woven and black. Check out a couple of my favorite photos of the Wishbone chair below!


Photo via: www.scandinavia-design.fr

Integrated Cabinet Pulls

Pulls on cabinetry can really make or break the look and functionality of a space. We love to use integrated pulls that tie into the modern aesthetic of the surrounding architectural elements that occupy the room. 

We're using integrated pulls in a current master bathroom project and can't wait to share photos with you guys when it's done!


Photos via: Remodelista, Matthew Williams, and Jenna Sheingold Studio

Collecting & Displaying

As a design team, we seem to collect so many special, decorative items and books that we want to show off. Coffee tables and shelving units are perfect areas to display these nick nacks without crowding other areas of the home. After all, these are the books and items that make your house your home.

We love the way this bookcase is setup in a monochromatically. There's nothing more chic than white, black and grey.

bookshelve (1).jpg

Photo via Bespoke

Black Paint

Black paint can be super difficult. It takes the right amount of light (ie tons) as well as the right kind of light (ie not too diffused). Reflective factors like velvet, and bright colors like tons of white, all complement black paint.

As you can see in the below pinterest board, black paint can be used in a ton of different applications, from transitional to contemporary homes. Some of these rooms use a super high-gloss paint, while some are more matte. 

Photo via ArchitecturalDigest.com